My mother in law is quite the lady(and I do use the term lady loosely), ever since my wife and I have been married she seems to pick at every decision I make. I have tried countless times to maintain a good relationship with her, but it seemed like she was just determined to hate me. Finally one day, I asked my wife,”Honey what does your mother love more than anything”? She quickly named off an entire list of things that her mother enjoyed until finally she mentioned that she loved flowers.

Her mother had been a Harrogate florist for over twenty years and had never been given roses! So I decided that I would give her some roses Not just one, but twenty of the finest Hybrid Tea roses I could find. Ever since she received these flowers she has been extremely kind to me offering food every time we go to her house.

Three days ago I was talking to a friend of mine. She told me that her husband was going to take some new college courses. I did not know he was going to go back to school and was curious. She said he was going to go to the local community college to take courses in becoming an ecommerce web design builder. I found it a little odd that someone his age would want to go back to school. Later after thinking more on it, I realized that it was a glorious thing for him to decide to go back to school. I am now thinking of going back myself and taking a few Art classes. I love to use water colors and would really like to brush up on my painting. He has inspired me to better educate myself and I’m sure I will enjoy the classes. I will have to thank my friend the next time I see her.

Time together

28 Apr

Eight-year-old Tommy yelled “Bang, bang.” at the T.V. as he shot another bad guy in his videogame.
“Tommy,” Tommy glanced up when he heard his mother’s voice, “Your Dad asked if you could help him put up the new Manchester shutters.”
“Yeah, sure, just let me save the galaxy first,” Tommy’s gaze went back to his game.
“I think the galaxy can wait for you to save it,” his mom bent down and took the controller from her son’s hands, and added, “Get out there mister.”
Tommy pulled himself from the floor and marched toward the door.
“Hey, Dad. You still need me?” He yelled out the screen window of the door.
“Yep, I still do,” Tommy’s father called back.
“Well, can you just wait ten minutes?”
“This has to be done now,” his dad answered him with a smile.
Pulling the door open, Tommy angrily marched out, letting it slam shut behind him.
“Would you hold the bolts?” Tommy held out his hand as his father handed him two bolts. His father quietly sent a bolt into the desired place. “Did you know I use to help my dad with things like this?” Tommy’s father asked his son, and then went on to answer his own question. “Yep, I sure did.”
After a few minutes of talking, Tommy actually decided this might be more fun than his video games.
Tommy is now nineteen-years-old and he works full-time in carpentry. He has dreams of starting his own company someday. This all started eleven years ago as a little boy helped his father work around their home.