The recent art exhibit at the city community center certainly was something new for our small town. One of the things that immediately impressed me the most was how well the response was met by local artists. Not simply artists from the immediate community came, but from across the whole region of the state. As well, the community center directors and the exhibition staff did a fabulous job of getting the exhibition area ready and decorating the facility in response to the event theme. The black and gold streamers, table dressings, and flower arrangements really provided an ambience to the event and tied the overall theme to the particular style and motif of each of the stations that featured different types of art and expressive work.

My only reservation for this year’s event is that no category was provided for photographic works of art. This seems to be an area that is growing in the community with the opening of several small portrait and photograpic companies that have sprung up in the area in the last few years. Also, the local high school and the local technical college have both started programs for photography.

It’s Alive!

15 Nov

My partner loves plants and flowers and has decided that she wants to have living walls in our house. I was not sure of what exactly she was talking about at first, so I asked her to explain herself at which point she told me that she wants our walls to be made of living plants and flowers. I told her that she could have one because to me this is somewhat strange, and I am unsure how exactly I feel about it. I started coming home with random plants and flowers for her wall and have actually grown to enjoy it. I also like her faces when I come home with things for her and I am happy when she is happy. She loves her living wall and I come home to her just sitting and looking at her wall sometimes. We may have to consider adding more in the future.

Having a security system installed is an excellent way to protect your business. It not only helps prevent breaking and entering but also records the individuals who are doing this so it is easier to track them down later on. Probably one of the best ways to go about doing this is with the help of Bolton CCTV. Short for closed circuit television, this is a way for you to set up video cameras around the property and have the video feed run directly to your computer or monitoring setup. This way, it is possible for you to have all of your security needs met and you can record as much footage as you need. Whether you go with a wireless configuration or a wired setup, there is something that is going to help prevent a break in and give you peace of mind for the business. So, the next time you are looking for security, check out closed circuit security systems.

The Good Guys

23 Sep

Sara wasn’t surprised when her husband Alex didn’t want anything to do with their handicapped son Michael. Her husband was callous, and she wasn’t really sure what she ever saw in him in the first place. When the doctor diagnosed Michael, she could see it in Alex’s eyes that he would never want a child with a disability. Sara did the only thing that she knew was right. She left him. She packed up the small possessions that she and her son had, and she found a tiny little apartment for them. She found work as a secretary of a company that did permeable porous paving. A man named Jimmy worked with her. He was hardworking and friendly. He always talked to Michael when she brought him in with her. They dated for a year. One day, Jimmy approached Michael, and said he had to talk to him. He told Michael he loved Sara, and he wanted to marry her, but only if Michael said it was ok. Michael looked concerned. He had seen his mom go through a lot. Jimmy looked him in the eyes, and told him he understood, but he would prove that he wasn’t like Michael’s dad. He was one of the good guys.

I decided creating my own dream wedding was the way to go, boy was I crazy. I thought I would save a dollar, I think I cost myself more money. This do-it-yourself crazed society that we live in wants to teach people to save by doing it themselves. But what about people like me? What about those people who have two left feet and are all thumbs? We are the kind of people who are best to leave the events to events staff.

It was supposed to be the wedding of my dreams, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The cake was a mess, my hair was a mess, and my dress had a stain on it. I think that I would have been better off to pay someone to handle all these things. That’s me, trying to save a dollar and end up causing myself more grief in the end. Next time, I am opting for the help even if it means I have less money to put toward the event, I may be able to enjoy it.

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Saturday is a day that most people spend relaxing. However, it is rare for me to get the opportunity to relax on a Saturday. I work all week, so I have run all of my errands on Saturday. The first thing that I did last Saturday was prepare breakfast for my husband and kids. After that, I went shopping and brought some porous paving materials.

After I had left the store, I had to pick up my husband’s suit from the cleaners. I thought it would be a quick trip, but I ended up standing in line for almost an hour because they were so busy. I was able to home after that, but I could not relax. I had to do laundry and clean. Even though my day was super busy, I would not change it for the world.

There is nothing like a nice fall day to realize that everything is not as you would have wished. She looked up the word sadness in the dictionary, and along the way she came across the word hasten and the phrase recycled glass media. Based on the definition of sadness in the dictionary she was not sad, so much as restless. She decides to go for a walk. It was a cool and sunny day, and she noticed the squirrel that ran across the sidewalk to the tall tree to climb it. She passed a fast food place, and the delicious smell of french fries and onion rings had her mouth watering. She walked two more blocks and passed an empty park. She noticed the swings moved with the wind and the grass in the park needed cutting. After continuing her walk for another thirty minutes, she walked back home feeling relaxed and happy.

My mother in law is quite the lady(and I do use the term lady loosely), ever since my wife and I have been married she seems to pick at every decision I make. I have tried countless times to maintain a good relationship with her, but it seemed like she was just determined to hate me. Finally one day, I asked my wife,”Honey what does your mother love more than anything”? She quickly named off an entire list of things that her mother enjoyed until finally she mentioned that she loved flowers.

Her mother had been a Harrogate florist for over twenty years and had never been given roses! So I decided that I would give her some roses Not just one, but twenty of the finest Hybrid Tea roses I could find. Ever since she received these flowers she has been extremely kind to me offering food every time we go to her house.